Power of rain

The Raintap makes absorbing and retaining rainwater part of your daily routines in an easy and fun way. Raintap demonstrates how valuable rainwater is, and how we can really start to appreciate and activate this precious water.

Start using rain

Rain is an essential part of life, providing fresh water for our rivers, plants, lakes, animals and ultimately for us. When managed properly, rainwater is a valuable resource. Let's start catching the rain and tap into its endless power. Discover what you can do with this durable water station.

How to collect rainwater

To harvest rainwater efficiently, the Raintap needs to be connected to a rainpipe. The Raintap fits to any standard rainpipe. With a rain diverter the rainpipe can be easily connected to the Raintap, by drilling a hole at the marked point at the back of the barrel (left or right from the tap).

Add fresh tapwater to your Raintap

With the optional freshwatertap you always have fresh tapwater available as well. Making sure you never miss out! The freshwatertap fits to any standard outdoor water tap. You can connect it to the tap point with a standard hose.
The extra tap makes the Raintap even more adaptable to your needs.

How its made

The Raintap is designed and produced in The Netherlands - made from recycled plastic. Carefully crafted to be durable. We believe consumer plastics can be transformed beyond single-use into functional, planet-friendly products that are build to last. Your trash turned into tanks!

Mobile water station

The Raintap is a great portable handwashing and fresh water station for public spaces. The footpump prevents cross-contamination between users. Perfect for restaurants, musea, schools or events.

How it works


The Raintap collects and saves water from the cloud. The design fits on any standard rainpipe. The sink and tap make it a functional water station for optimal (re)use of valuable rainwater. The collected rainwater can be pumped up by the footpump - or can be directly tapped from the small side tap. Let's start tapping from the cloud!


The Raintap can be upgraded with an extra freshwatertap and fits to any standard outdoor water tap. Transforming it from a rain barrel to a compact outdoor kitchen. Depending on the purpose you can make a sustainable choice between soft rainwater or fresh tapwater. Adapt your water choice to your needs!


The Raintap enables reuse of (rain)water. By diverting the water from the sink to your garden instead of discharching it into the sewer. We also encourage you to redirect the overflow of your barrel to your garden. Recycled water is a valuable source of water- and important for sustainable water management. Rain, save, use and reuse!

Happy when it rains

join us and save every drop

How to install

Raintap to rainpipe

Raintap is easy to install in your own garden. In a few simple steps you can start absorbing and retaining rainwater in a fun way. Make sure all precious water is reused by redirecting as much rainwater to your garden as possible. Let's get started and contribute to a better management of rainwater.

Drain to rainpipe

The sink transforms the Raintap into a useful water station. It offers everything you need in one clever station for e.g. washing your boots, your hands or filling up your watering can. You can direct the used sinkwater to your rainpipe. Even better to reuse it and redirect it to your garden.

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