Start using rain

The Raintap collects and activates the use of rainwater. Raintap demonstrates how valuable rainwater is, and how we can start making more sustainable water choices.
The tap(s), footpump and sink make it a clever water station and transform it from a rain barrel, to a (hand)washing station, to a compact outdoor kitchen.

Handwashing station

Raintap can be transformed to a (mobile) outdoor handwashing station at your home, shop, restaurant or event. By filling it up with fresh water or connecting it to your outdoor watertap with the optional freshwatertap. Flexible for every (public) location.

Washing station

Rainwater is perfect for washing all your garden tools after a day of hard work in your garden. Easily pumped up by the included footpump and tap. It is possible to reuse this still valuable (sink)water for your garden.
Nothing goes to waste!

Washing station

Clean your shoes or boots with free rainwater and reuse this water for your garden. Besides being natural, rainwater is usually soft, which makes it a good option for watering your flowers and plants. Actually, the absence of those very chemicals - that makes tapwater safe for drinking - makes rainwater a better choice for your outdoor watering needs. Never waste a drop of rainwater!

Compact outdoor kitchen

Give your freshly harvested produce a good rinse in the sink. With the optional freshwatertap you always have fresh tapwater available as well. Making sure you never miss out! More importantly it encourages you to make sustainable water choice a part of your daily routines.

Water your plants

The old standby - hand watering- is perfect for smaller garden areas and container plants. You can even water your smaller container plants directly in the sink. Sink or swim!

Water your garden

Use the side tap to fill up a larger watering can or bucket. Ideal for some quick and easy rainwater tapping! In times of drought, when there are restrictions on water use, rainwater may be the only available source of water for landscaping and washing the family car. It may come down to a choice between rainwater and no water at all. So let's start catching every drop!

Drip irrigation

You can connect any standard garden hose to the small side tap as well. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation enable the water to go straight to the roots. You can also redirect the overflow of the barrel to your garden by connecting it to a soaker hose. Deeper watering enables a better management of water and deeper and stronger root growth of your plants. Tap into the power of rain!

Pump it up

With the sink, tap and footpump, you can tap into endless user opportunities. Show us where you tap into with your Raintap. Join the community and follow us on instagram. Share your installed Raintap #raintap

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